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VIEW PRODUCT Catching Fish (Book)

Catching Fish (Book)


ENJOY YOUR FISHING SEASON WITH THIS SPECIALLY PRICED, AUTOGRAPHED BOOK BY RON AND AL LINDNER CATCHING FISH! Limited copies – all autographed and numbered. Out of print for almost 40 years, these are the fundamentals that shaped today's fisherman – the way they fish and the vocabulary of the sports fishing world! Before Catch & Release, before modern day mapping and GPS, the birth of intelligent angling is explored throughout these insightful pages. This book is a reprint of fishing discovery and information, with updated notes from Ron and Al Lindner, covering the years between 1964 and 1974. A look back at the building blocks of structure fishing. This volume belongs in the library of every angler and fishing historian wanting a look back at how the sports fishing world has evolved. Share Share on Facebook Tweet Tweet on Twitter You might also like Reflections at First Light - A Fisherman's Devotional Reflections at First Light - A Fisherm

VIEW PRODUCT Recipes from Nature

Recipes from Nature


Foraging and gathering fresh ingredients from Nature—such as wild game, fish, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries—is an increasingly popular outdoor activity. Now a unique, new cookbook helps make the most of those ultra-fresh ingredients. Cooks are always looking for new recipes that include their fresh outdoor finds. This cookbook includes ingredients from throughout North America. Sidebars contain photos of ingredients in their natural state and insightful information about them. In addition to the food photography, intimate images of fishing, hunting and harvesting lend to the mood of self-harvesting. Index and nutrition values are included. Recipe categories include: appetizer, breakfast/brunch, salad, entrée, side dish, soup/stew, sauce, and dessert. About the Authors: Bill Lindner is a nationally known, professional outdoors and food photographer. His work has appeared in many books and magazines for more than 25 years. Kay Lindner writes food columns for many p

VIEW PRODUCT Reflections at First Light - A Fisherman's Devotional

Reflections at First Light - A Fisherman's Devotional


Al and Ron Lindner, recognized leaders in the sport fishing industry and members of the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, share stories from their decades-long careers on the water and share the life-changing truths God has taught them along the way. See how God "scooped them up into the gentle net of His grace." Discover that He loves to reveal Himself in everyday, routine events as well as moments of trauma, danger, or high-charged adventure. And find inspiring reminders that God can... open doors when you see only dead ends guide you when you don't know which way to turn equip you with everything you need fill you with peace when everything goes south give you your own life-changing story to share with others These short reflections will help you sense that God is with you, too, at first light on the water.

VIEW PRODUCT Reflections at First Light Gift Book: Lessons and Stories fr

Reflections at First Light Gift Book: Lessons and Stories fr


When Al and Ron, two young brothers and best friends, left the city to pursue jobs in the sport fishing world, they had no idea what God had lined up for them. Now with long, successful careers doing the very thing they love, the two have shared their faith-filled insights in Reflections at First Light. This beautiful gift book edition contains excerpts from that book, stunning outdoor photography, and inspiring quotes--a beautiful compilation of fishing lore for everyone who enjoys morning's first light on the water. Turn the page and enjoy a moment at the river's edge. As the fog lifts and the sun rises over the distant hills, cast your line, wait for the bite...and witness the glory of God. 48 pages.



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